Checking for damage and uploading photos at the start and end of your trip


Read these instructions carefully. If any damage is discovered after your trip and you did not take and upload or email us photos as instructed to show the damage was either there when you picked the car up or not there when you left it, you may be held responsible.

Before you drive, and again at the end of your trip, you must check the car for damage and take and submit photos showing all surfaces and the interior of the car.

You should upload the photos as you take them, but if you're not able to do it on the spot you must make sure that they get to us within 48 hours of your trip ending, by:

  • uploading them through the app or website; or
  • email them to us (only do this if you cannot upload them).

This should only take a couple of minutes, but it's really important in the case of a damage dispute.

The option to upload photos is only available up to 48 hours after your trip ends. We won't accept photos emailed more than 48 hours after your trip ends.

We do not accept late photos.

If damage is reported later on and you have saved the photos but have not submitted them within 48 hours as instructed, your photos will not be considered.

You have a responsibility to check that the car is roadworthy and contact us with any issues before you start your trip. This is for your safety and to avoid potential further damage to the car. You may be responsible for costs related to damage if you fail to report roadworthiness issues.

Uploading photos during a trip

You can upload photos through the app or website during a trip.

  1. Log in to the website or app within 15 minutes of your trip starting
  2. Follow the steps to find the car and collect the keys
  3. On the Upload condition photos step, choose to take photos with your camera or upload photos from your gallery

Uploading photos after a trip

You can upload photos up to 48 hours after your trip ends through the app or website

  1. Log in to the website or app
  2. Go to Trips and choose the relevant trip
  3. If you're on the app, click Condition photos or on the website scroll down to the photo section
  4. Upload the photos from your phone or computer

Photo tips

  • It's better to take more photos to capture all angles of the car
    Make sure your photos show all surfaces of the car, including the hood, front, back, roof, corners and both sides of the car and the front and back seats. The views should overlap so you don't miss any corners or surfaces.
  • Take photos of the roof
    Hold your phone up above your head and take a photo from the front and back of the car to capture the whole roof.
  • Even if it's dark, do your best to take clear photos
    Try using the flash, or if you have a friend with you ask them to hold up their phone's flashlight for extra lighting.
  • Take photos of any noticeable damage
    Far enough back to show where it's located, close enough to capture detail
  • If you find any significant damage or you don't want to drive the car, call us.

Can I see my previously uploaded photos?

Either during or after a trip, you can go to the app or website to view the photos under your trip. 

How can I delete a photo that was uploaded accidentally?

If you've inadvertently uploaded a photo that's not of the car, just get in touch and we'll delete it for you.

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