You can reset your password from the login page by clicking Forgot password or change it by going to Privacy & Security under your settings. 

Having trouble logging in?

  • Make sure you’re using the right email address – check your inbox to see if we’ve sent emails there before
  • Try logging in using your Google, Apple or Uber login details – if the email address is the same, you'll be able to log in

If you still can't log in, reset your password.

I can’t log in using my Uber details

If you signed up to Uber Carshare and linked your Uber account, you'll need to reset your Uber password

If you haven’t used Uber Carshare before, then you won’t have an account with us yet. You’ll need to sign up.

 Login issue impacting some Android users

Some Android users are having trouble logging in to the Uber Carshare app with their Uber details. We're working to fix the problem, but for now please log in through our website.

Still having trouble?

We can help you sort it out. Contact us for help.

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