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You can cancel or edit your trip for free within 1 hour of booking it or up to 48 hours before the time affected by the change. If you cancel or edit your trip outside these times, you may receive a partial refund.

Cancellation policy

Time of cancellation or edit Refund
Within 1 hour of booking the trip Full refund
Over 48 hours in advance* Full refund
24 to 48 hours in advance* Partial refund: you'll pay 50% of time booked, up to 4 hours
Less than 24 hours in advance* Partial refund: you'll pay 100% of time booked, up to 12 hours

*of the trip start time, or the earliest part of the trip affected by the change

Your refund will be sent to your original payment method. If any of the time you cancelled is later booked by another member, you'll be refunded for that time.

If you're receiving a partial refund, the time rate for the first 4 hours (for cancellations 24-48 hours in advance) or 12 hours (for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance) will be used to calculate the refund. The amount you paid for these first hours will be deducted from the total trip cost and any balance will be refunded.

If you edit your trip or return the car early, you may see a charge for 'unused time' on your invoice or trip cost summary. This isn't an additional charge. It's the part of the original booked time that you didn't use.

What happens if I need to cancel and it's not my fault?

We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens, and in rare situations an owner might ask you to cancel or you might not be able to find the car or keys. In these situations, we may be able to offer you a full refund.

When you cancel your trip in the app or website, you'll be asked to select the reason you're cancelling. If the reason for your cancellation isn't there, select Other and contact us for help.

Cancellations due to COVID

If you cancel a trip due to COVID, the cancellation policy still applies as outlined in the table above.

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