You need to keep your car reasonably clean whenever it’s available for borrowers to book.

Our car cleanliness standards set out what we expect both owners and borrowers to follow. 

Tips for maintaining a car clean

  • Book a monthly clean with a mobile cleaner to help make car cleaning easier for you
  • Conduct regular check-ups on car cleanliness 

For your regular check up

  • Keep a bag or small bin in your car, and take any garbage with you after each booking
  • Get a hand-vac for quick interior cleaning or head to the self-serve carwash for a quick vacuum
  • Put a bottle of soapy water and a cloth in the trunk, for quick and easy spot cleaning
  • Re-fill the windshield wiper fluid, and give the windshield a quick clean with the squeegee when you refuel
  • Don't smoke or vape in your car (or let your passengers light up) - borrowers aren't allowed to smoke in your car either
  • If you transport animals in your car, make sure you clean up after them, and if you allow borrowers to take their pets in your car, too, mark it as pet-friendly
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