Note: This information is for owners wanting to open their car's lockbox. If you're a borrower wanting to open the lockbox of a car you've borrowed, follow the steps in the Uber app.

Short answer:

You can generate a code and find the instructions to open your car's lockbox at any time through the website.

Getting a lockbox code

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Go to Cars
  3. Click on Open lockbox

Opening the lockbox

Rectangular lockbox

  1. Wake the lockbox by holding [ENT] until the keypad lights up or beeps
  2. Enter the code, and press [ENT]
    The Ready light should flash green, and you should hear a beep (it may be very faint)
  3. Open the lockbox from the top

If you enter the code incorrectly 4 times, then you'll need to wait 1 minute before you can try again.

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