App Unlock for Instant Keys

owner unlocks their car with the Uber Carshare app

We’re introducing a new device for Instant Keys – App Unlock.

Just lock and unlock your car with the Uber Carshare app.

1. Why App Unlock?

Enjoy all the benefits of Instant Keys, plus:

  • Discreet design The App Unlock device is set up inside the car.
  • Tighter controls The car will only start after the borrower unlocks it with the app.
  • Unlock with the app Borrowers use the app to unlock and lock the car – so there’s no lockbox.

And our team will also set it up for you and handle support for the device.

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2. What’s the App Unlock device?

  • It replaces your current lockbox and GPS device.
  • It syncs to your car and is connected to the OBD2 diagnostics port.
  • It doesn’t require any alterations to your car.

Find out more about how it’s set up 

3. Sharing your car with App Unlock

For bookings

Borrowers get all the instructions in the app at the start of their booking.

They’ll lock and unlock the car using the app.

  • For cars with key ignition – Borrowers use the special key in the glovebox to start the car.
  • For cars with push-button startBorrowers will unlock with the app and just press thepush-buttonn start. 

  For extra security

The car only starts if it has been unlocked with the app for the booking.

For owners

The app is your lock

When you’re doing your routine checkups, there’s no need to bring the original car key with you.

You can turn up and unlock and lock with the app (and use the special key inside the car or the push-start button).

Note: You can still use your original keys and not use the app.

Remotely lock and unlock the car

Got mobile mechanics or cleaners arriving? You can unlock the car for them remotely - wherever you are.

4. Is your car eligible?

We review eligibility primarily based on:

  • Car’s location
  • Car’s compatibility with the device.

As this is currently a trial with a small set of owners, we may not reach out to you yet, but if you’re interested, let us know. We'll contact you if your car is eligible.

5. This is a free upgrade for Instant Keys

There’s no additional cost to get this set up.

After the upgrade

There may be a cost if you need to create a new special key, if damaged or lost.

  • We’ll charge an admin fee
  • The cost of replacing the key varies depending on your key.

We’ll ‌then charge whoever may have damaged or lost the key. The cost of replacing the key varies depending on your key. Find out about costs.

Find out more about how we’ll set up the device for you

See the set-up process

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