Viewing your earnings statement

Short answer:

You'll receive an earnings statement each month by email. You can also view all your earnings statements and recent transactions through the website on the Account page.

Accessing your earnings statement

Your earnings statement for the previous month will be sent in the first 2-5 business days of each month. You'll receive an email notification when your invoice is available to view.

If you've been charged an amount and want to check what it was for, you can access your monthly earnings statement history at any time by logging in to view your account.

Note: you can only view earnings statements through the website (not app).

  1. Log in to the website (not app)
  2. Select the menu in the top right corner and select Account
  3. Select Financial documents
  4. Choose the monthly earnings statement you'd like to view and click View earnings statement

You can also download a spreadsheet version of this too. 

Receipts for individual trips

We'll email you a link to your receipt for your trip after it's been billed. For most trips, this happens overnight, but for some trips, it can take a few days.

Note: you can only view your trip cost summary through the website (not app).

  1. Log in to the website (not app)
  2. Select Trips
  3. Find the trip you want the receipt for
  4. Download your trip receipt

Checking recent charges before your earnings statement is released

earnings statements are sent once a month, but you can view a list of your transactions by logging in to the website or app and choosing Account summary from the menu. 


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