From now until 1 May 2024, earn extra on your time rates. Exclusions apply. Review the terms and conditions.

Sharing plan details

Your earnings from time


Our service fee


Device shipping

Shipping fee may apply

Vehicle protection and insurance

Included for all bookings

Deductible for damage claims

No cost for damage claims

Roadside assistance

Included for all bookings

The plan also includes:

  • Use of our website and app to manage your car
  • Support around the clock from our friendly team if you or a borrower need help
  • A distance rate that we assign to help cover your running costs

Our service fee

We apply a service fee to your earnings from your car's time rates: that is, the hourly and daily rates that you set for your car. 

The service fee you pay goes towards the services we offer you and the support we provide for you and your borrowers.

You get a better experience as we improve the services and products we offer you, from customer support to the tools you can use to help you earn from car sharing. 

Interested in sharing your car? 

Get your car earning extra money for you.

List your car

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