Uber Carshare is currently available in ‌Toronto. You'll be able to share eligible cars throughout most areas of Toronto. 

There may be some areas that are not available yet. So if you don’t see your area, you could choose a different neighbourhood for sharing your car.

*Portions of these areas, including airports, are ineligible for sharing.

A - E
L9V Dufferin
L9W Dufferin
L0N Dufferin
L1W Durham
L1J Durham
L1N Durham
L0B Durham
L1X Durham
L1K Durham
L1C Durham
L1T Durham
L0C Durham
L1M Durham
L1V Durham
L1Y Durham
L9L Durham
L1R Durham
L1L Durham
L1S Durham
L1Z Durham
L1E Durham
L9P Durham
L1P Durham
L1G Durham
L1H Durham
F - J
L7P Halton
L7J Halton
L7L Halton
L6J Halton
L7M Halton
L7S Halton
L7N Halton
L7G Halton
L9E Halton
L6M Halton
L7T Halton
L6H Halton
L6K Halton
L9T Halton
L6L Halton
L7R Halton
L0P Halton
L8H Hamilton
L8L Hamilton
P - T
L6Z Peel
L4T Peel
L5C Peel
L4Z Peel
L6R Peel
L6X Peel
L5N Peel
L5W Peel
L5R Peel
L5S Peel
L7C Peel
L6W Peel
L6S Peel
L7K Peel
L5B Peel
L4X Peel
L5J Peel
L7A Peel
L5L Peel
L6T Peel
L7E Peel
L5K Peel
L5V Peel
L5T Peel
L5E Peel
L5G Peel
L6P Peel
L4V Peel
L5A Peel
L5H Peel
L4Y Peel
L5M Peel
L6V Peel
L5P Peel*
L4W Peel*
L6Y Peel
L0L Simcoe
L9S Simcoe
L3Z Simcoe
L9R Simcoe
M1C Toronto
M3A Toronto
M6A Toronto
M2H Toronto
M1G Toronto
M4M Toronto
M6B Toronto
M4G Toronto
M2M Toronto
M4N Toronto
M2N Toronto
M5C Toronto
M4V Toronto
M2R Toronto
M5L Toronto
M1K Toronto
M1X Toronto
M5G Toronto
M3J Toronto
M8W Toronto
M5N Toronto
M9V Toronto
M9W Toronto
M1H Toronto
M5P Toronto
M1L Toronto
M4T Toronto
M5B Toronto
M8Z Toronto
M2K Toronto
M6C Toronto
M8X Toronto
M5K Toronto
M6M Toronto
M5H Toronto
M6J Toronto
M3N Toronto
M4C Toronto
M3L Toronto
M9N Toronto
M4A Toronto
M8Y Toronto
M4S Toronto
M3H Toronto
M4Y Toronto
M4W Toronto
M1V Toronto
M3M Toronto
M9A Toronto
M5T Toronto
M5S Toronto
M4J Toronto
M4L Toronto
M5J Toronto
M7A Toronto
M4X Toronto
M6L Toronto
M9B Toronto
M9R Toronto
M2P Toronto
M1M Toronto
M4B Toronto
M5R Toronto
M6H Toronto
M1J Toronto
M4H Toronto
M1B Toronto
M4E Toronto
M4R Toronto
M9P Toronto
M6N Toronto
M1P Toronto
M6P Toronto
M9C Toronto
M9M Toronto
M1W Toronto
M6K Toronto
M3B Toronto
M1R Toronto
M8V Toronto
M1S Toronto
M1N Toronto
M4P Toronto
M1E Toronto
M2J Toronto
M5X Toronto
M5E Toronto
M3C Toronto
M9L Toronto
M6G Toronto
M7Y Toronto
M2L Toronto
M4K Toronto
M1T Toronto
M6R Toronto
M6S Toronto
M6E Toronto
M3K Toronto
M5M Toronto
M5V Toronto*
M5A Toronto
U - Z
N0B Waterloo
L4S York
L4E York
L4H York
L0J York
L0G York
L4K York
L6C York
L9N York
L4C York
L4A York
L0E York
L3P York
L4J York
L4B York
L0H York
L4L York
L3T York
L7B York
L3S York
L4G York
L3R York
L6A York
L3X York
L6E York
L6B York
L6G York
L4P York
L3Y York
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