Cars using Instant Keys must be available for at least 10% of the time over 2 months. 

This includes:

  • Calendar blockouts by the owner
  • Booking cancellations
  • If the car is offline because of the registration expiring or repairs

What happens if your car’s availability is low

We look at long-term availability as we recognise that from month to month your need to use your car may fluctuate. We may contact you to organise a plan to increase the car’s availability.

We take relevant factors into account, like the car’s overall earnings, whether the low availability is temporary, and if the intention is to return to good availability levels.

In some situations where availability is consistently low, we may delist and request the Instant Keys devices to be returned. If the devices are not returned, we may charge the owner for the cost of the devices. 

Checking your availability

You can see your car's average weekday and weekend availability for this month, last month, this financial year, and all time in the stats dashboard.

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Go to Cars
  3. Select Manage car
  4. Select Stats
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