It’s your responsibility to manage and respond to car safety issues as they arise to help keep the Uber Carshare platform safe for all users.

If we receive a notification from a borrower about a potential safety and/or mechanical issue with your vehicle, you will receive a car safety report from Uber Carshare. Further, we may:

  • make your car unavailable for sharing while you resolve the issue
  • cancel future bookings
  • ask you to send documentation demonstrating that the issue has been resolved or confirming that a safety inspection was completed by a mechanic

In this help guide find information about:


Car safety report

You may receive a car safety report from Uber Carshare if a borrower reports an issue during their booking.

About the report
These reports contain information on what the issue may be, as well as any photos or videos the borrower includes.

You’ll also get next steps for resolving the issue.

These reports are emailed to you for review and are only visible to you - it’s not public.


Process for addressing a car safety report

1. Review the issue

If you get a car safety report, review the report and assess your car.

What if it’s not an issue?

If you don’t think it’s an issue or it’s been addressed recently, send documents that demonstrate the car is roadworthy and/or the issue has been fixed so that Uber Carshare can review them.

2. Schedule vehicle repairs

If you would like to continue sharing your vehicle, you will need to schedule repairs and submit documents to demonstrate the issue is fixed.

For some issues, you may be asked to confirm that:

    • a vehicle inspection was performed
    • by a certified mechanic who hasn’t worked on your car in the past 12 months

3. In the meantime, we may:

    • make your car unavailable for sharing
    • cancel future bookings
    • provide you with any further steps required to make your car available again for sharing

4. Once fixed, email us documents

    1. Email us documents that demonstrate the issue has been fixed and your car is roadworthy.
    2. We’ll review these documents.
    3. We’ll then work with you to get your car available for sharing again.


Documents to send

We’ll let you know the types of documents to email us.

For some issues, we may ask for:

  • a video that shows the whole car and the issue has been fixed
  • an additional photo of the fixed issue - optional

For other issues we may ask for a document that clearly shows:

  • Car’s registration
  • License plate
  • Date
  • Mechanic’s business name and business number

The document must demonstrate that:

  • the issue has been resolved
  • the car is roadworthy


Safety report related to your car

If your car has safety issues and doesn’t comply with Uber Carshare’s Terms of Service, Uber Carshare reserves the right to remove your vehicle from the platform.

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