Getting reimbursed for borrower tolls

How tolls are charged to borrowers

Remove your personal toll transponder from your car because borrowers are instructed to pay for tolls as they pass through a toll. If you receive a notice for a toll incurred by a borrower, upload your toll statement to be reimbursed.

Toll statement requirements

Your toll statement can be in CSV, PNG, PDF or JPG format. We can accept:

  • a photo or PDF of your monthly toll statement
  • a CSV of your trip history downloaded from your toll provider's website
  • a screenshot of the toll charge details from your toll provider's website or app

Your toll statement must include:

  • the date and time the toll was incurred
  • the entry and exit points of the toll road
  • the total toll charge

Uploading your toll statement

  1. Log in to the website and go to Cars > Bookings then select the relevant booking
  2. Select Get help with this booking > Report tolls
  3. Upload your toll statement

We'll check that the toll charge was incurred during a booking and reimburse you with your monthly earnings.

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