When there’s been an accident or damage to a shared vehicle, our team investigates the damage claim and assesses the information provided during that time. We take into consideration things like who was driving, trip photos and statements or reports provided.

If you've been notified that you are responsible for damage, and you want to dispute it, there are a few things to do first.

  1. Read how the damage and loss cover works, as well as our Damage Policy, to understand how you're covered during bookings
  2. Read through the list of common reasons for disputing responsibility below
  3. Write a brief, clear email setting out the reason you believe that there's been an error in the application of the rules in your case

Your email will be reviewed by the case manager and, if required, a senior team member. If after that review you believe that the dispute hasn't been resolved, you can ask for it to be escalated to our Internal Dispute Review committee, made up of a group of senior managers.

In accordance with the Terms of Service you need to pay the amount that's been assessed as your responsibility, even if you dispute it. After your case is reviewed, if you are found not to be responsible (or responsible for a lower amount), your payment will be refunded.

Common reasons for disputing responsibility for damage

The following are some examples of reasons that members commonly put forward to dispute their responsibility for damage.

I'm sure the car was not damaged during my trip
When damage is reported, we rely on clear, documented photographic evidence to determine responsibility.
The car was damaged by someone else

Under the Terms of Service and Damage Policy, you're responsible for any damage that happens to the car from the time you pick it up until the time you drop it back.

This includes damage that isn't your fault (like a branch falling on the car) and damage that's someone else’s fault (like a passing driver scratching the car).

If you get the details of the person at fault and our insurer can get them to pay for repairs, then you won't need to pay anything.

See the section titled ‘Who is responsible for damage?’ in the Damage Policy.

I didn’t know I needed to take photos of the car 
During pickup and return, there are instructions in the app to take photos of the car. We also send reminders after your trip. 
I have evidence that I didn’t damage the car

To make sure the photos are a true and accurate record of the car before and after the trip, they need to be uploaded within 48 hours so that they become part of the car’s ongoing condition record.

If you have video footage or witness statements to say you didn’t damage the car, please include them in your email to us. 

I wasn’t driving the car – it was someone else

Under the Terms of Service, you're responsible for anything that happens to the car when it's booked under your account.

If another person drove the car, with or without permission, you're still responsible.

You may be able to recover the costs from that person directly, but this would be separate from your responsibility to pay the costs to the car owner and us.

I didn’t take any photos because it was too dark or raining

The requirement to take photos is central to our platform’s system of sharing no matter the conditions you take the photos in.

Even if it is dark, raining or you don’t think the photos will be useful, we can often get enough information from them to resolve a claim (especially with lighting from the flash), so it is important to take photos every time you start or end a trip.

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