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If you need help with a dead battery right now, call Roadside Assistance - here's how.

If the battery dies during a trip, roadside assistance can come and help get you going. If the battery was dead when you first picked up the car, let us know so we can follow up with the owner or previous borrower and compensate you for the hassle.

If a car's battery dies due to your actions (for example leaving a light on or door open), you'll be liable for resolving the issue, even if it occurs after your trip ends. We'll examine the voltage data from the car to determine who was responsible. That data will indicate when the voltage level was healthy, and when it started to drop to unhealthy levels, and therefore who is responsible. 

Next, arrange a time to return to the car and meet roadside assistance to recharge the battery. If you are unable to do this, we'll need to ask the owner or next borrower to help and we'll charge you a fee so we can compensate them.

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