Photos can help show off your car’s features and help borrowers decide whether to book your car

Good profile photos 

Good angle, clear background and good lighting



Good additional photos




Tips for taking photos

Primary photo

Your car doesn’t need to be fancy to look good – and you don’t need to set up a special photoshoot.

Good setup

  • Make sure your car is looking its best – try to take photos just after it's washed
  • Park it in an open area – it’s harder to take good photos if your car is in a garage or tight parking space

Only have your car in the photo 

  • Make sure your car is the centre of attention with a little space above and below
  • Avoid having any people, other cars, trash bins, or other objects in the photo - if you can, look for a great backdrop like a colourful wall, the beach or a green park
  • Make sure your car is in focus and the photo isn't blurry
  • Use a single photo (not a collage) - you can use additional photos if you want to show more than one angle or feature
  • Don't add any text overlay - use the car's description instead

Like this:


Not like this:


Good camera angle

  • Take the photo in landscape
  • Photograph from the front or side angle - not from the rear
  • Use a realistic lens (not fish-eye or distorted)
  • Use a natural point of view (not too low or high)

Like this:

Clear lighting

  • Avoid too much glare or a dark photo 
  • Generally, early-mid morning and late afternoon can provide good lighting

Additional photos

  • You should aim to have around 5 additional photos
  • Show off the interior too: show the front and back seats (or if you have a car with up to 8 seats, show all of the seating)
  • Include photos of the trunk. This can help borrowers to know if they can fit what they need in. Place a common item like a suitcase or shopping bag inside

Not so good profile photos

Too dark - bring your car out of the garage and take the photo with the sun behind you




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