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You can reduce your deductible to $500 by paying an extra fee to upgrade to Premium Cover for each trip. You can add Premium Cover when you book or any time before your trip starts. To add Premium Cover after you've booked your trip, select the relevant trip from the Trips page on the Uber Carshare website (not the Uber app).

Adding Premium Cover when you book

When booking a trip, you'll be given the option to add Premium Cover for an extra $2 an hour or $20 a day before you pay.

Adding Premium Cover after you book

You can add Premium Cover any time before your trip starts through the Uber Carshare website or the Uber app. You can't add Premium Cover after you start the steps to pick up the car.

Uber Carshare website

  1. Log in to the website and go to the Trips page
  2. Click Trip details on the relevant upcoming trip
  3. Select to add Premium Cover and click Upgrade
  4. Your card will be charged and the Premium Cover added to your trip

Uber app

  1. Go to Trips and select the relevant trip
  2. Tap Upgrade your Protection
  3. Select Premium Cover and tap Upgrade
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