Dashcams, recording and tracking devices

Owners may keep dashcams or other recording or tracking devices in their vehicles, but they must clearly include this in the car’s description so borrowers can see it. Fees may apply for not including this information

Check local laws

In some locations, local laws and regulations require that borrowers provide consent to being recorded. It is your responsibility to comply with any applicable laws. Please check your local laws to understand your responsibilities.

Do not share to social media

Sharing or streaming a person’s image or audio or video recording on social media or in other digital or physical public locations is a violation of Uber’s Community Guidelines and may prompt further investigation by our safety team.

You can also review the privacy best practices guide, developed by the Future of Privacy Forum and Uber, to learn more about recording laws in the US and what they require you to do.

Provide instructions to deactivate devices

You may also include instructions on how to deactivate the device in their car instructions.

If you don’t include this information, you may pay sa cancellation fee

If a borrower books a car which has a recording or tracking device, and you don’t mention it in the car’s description for when the borrower books, the borrower can contact the owner to discuss switching it off, or they can cancel their booking at the owner’s expense and receive the owner cancellation credit of $40 as set out in the fee schedule.

If you do include this info 

If you did include these details in the car’s description, but the borrower didn't see them, they can still choose to cancel, but they will pay the standard cancellation fee.

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