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When you get your Instant Keys kit, set up should take around 20 minutes and doesn't require any alterations to your car.

Your Instant Keys kit

Your Instant Keys kit helps make car sharing easy. Setting up the kit is simple and should take around 20 mins.

Your Instant Keys kit contains:

  • A lockbox
  • A GPS device

There’s also an extension cable, a window bracket for placing the lockbox on the car’s window, and some stickers to help make your car more visible.

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Let's get started

You can use our instructions here, but it’s best to follow our step-by-step guide in your car’s profile.

  1. Go to Cars
  2. Select Finish this listing
  3. Select Instant Keys kit

If someone else is setting up your kit or if you’d like to print out the instructions instead, you can download a copy of the instructions.

Take photos of each device code 

Take photos of the codes on the devices first, or note them down. 

Plug in the GPS device

The GPS device helps us record the distance borrowers drive and to locate your car. It’s a small black box with a port on one end, which you’ll plug in.

Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_10.05.17_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_10.05.24_AM.png

Before you plug it in

  • Make sure your car is turned off
  • Find your car's diagnostic port

You’ll usually find the diagnostic port below the dashboard, between the steering wheel and pedals. To find the location for your make and model, try searching online, for example, Google 'Toyota Corolla diagnostic port'.

Plug it in now

Now you can plug it in and check if it fits securely.

If it doesn’t fit securely

If it sticks out or doesn’t fit securely in the port, you can use the extension cable.

You could also unclip the port from its plastic bracket – just push the port backwards and it should pop out.

This video shows how to plug a GPS device into a diagnostic port. In the video they use a splitter cable – you can just plug the tracker directly into the port, or use the extension cable in your kit.


Checking the GPS is working

  1. Now you can turn on your car
  2. Look at the lights on the GPS device, they should start flashing.
    If not, make sure the GPS is sitting securely in the port.
  3. Open the app
  4. Go to Cars
  5. Select Get location

It should show your car's current location on a map.

It may take up to 30 minutes for the device to verify the location after you’ve plugged it in, so try again later if it doesn't work right now.

Secure your GPS

Once you’ve verified it works, make sure the GPS is secure in the port.

You can use something like cable ties, rubber bands, tape or hair ties if necessary to hold it in tight.

Then hide the device behind a panel so it's not visible or in the way.

Take a photo of the device in place

  1. Take a photo of the device in its location
  2. Then send it to us

This helps us know its location in case there are issues with it later.

Put the lockbox in place

First, take a photo of the lockbox barcode or write down the serial number.

If you're hanging the lockbox on the vehicle

  1. Wind the front passenger window down halfway and hook the window bracket over the edge
  2. Roll the window back up so the lockbox is held in place by the closed window

If you're leaving the lockbox on your property

  1. Log in to the app
  2. Go to Cars
  3. Then select Listing
  4. Now select Instructions
  5. Under the Lockbox instructions, select On your property and enter instructions to help Borrowers find your lockbox
  6. Select Generate shackle code
  7. Follow the instructions to put the lockbox in place
Put the key in the lockbox

Remove any key rings or fobs from your spare key. If you need to put a garage fob and the key in the lockbox, use rubber bands to tie them together.

  1. Go back to Cars in the app
  2. Enter the lockbox code to open the lockbox
  3. Put the key in the lockbox
  4. Close the lockbox
  5. Check the lockbox is shut

If you can’t close it, check if there’s something blocking it

Your lockbox may contain a grey key insert. If your key is too big to fit inside the insert, just remove the insert by pulling it out and put the key in the lockbox without the insert.

If the lockbox doesn’t respond

If your lockbox looks like this:
A rectangular lockbox

It's likely in sleep mode and needs to be woken up.

  1. Insert a credit card-sized card into the slot at the bottom of the lockbox
  2. You should hear the lockbox beep
  3. Now enter the code
If your lockbox looks like this:
A round lockbox
  1. Hold the Return icon
  2. The keypad should light up and beep
  3. Now enter the code

If you’re having trouble, call us. We’re available to help 24/7.

Next steps

As part of setting up your car listing, you can also apply stickers to your car if you choose. 

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to upload condition photos of your car too.

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