Car Next Door rebranding to Uber Carshare FAQs

In early 2022, Car Next Door was acquired by Uber and by late 2022, we rebranded to Uber Carshare to help bring car sharing mainstream.  

We found that by changing our name to Uber Carshare and getting a new look, we'll be better able to leverage the perception of trust and scale that comes with a familiar brand (like Uber), which will help us grow.

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Why do I still see Car Next Door branding in some places?

We've updated our website and app, but you might still see Car Next Door branding while car owners update their car stickers, profile photos and other things. 

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November 2022 launch FAQs


When will the website, app and other channels be updated?

We’ve already started the transition from Car Next Door to Uber Carshare, so you'll see our new name, logo and colours across our app, website and emails. If you’ve already downloaded the Car Next Door app, just go to the app store to update to the latest version to see our new name and look. Our new Uber Carshare app will remain separate from the Uber app.

You might still see our old name, logo and colours for a little while longer while we update everything.

Has the app changed?

You don't need to download a brand new app – just make sure you have updated your app to the latest version to see our new name and look.

What's new

  • We rebuilt our current app from the ground up: we rebuilt the app on new technology with faster performance to help us deliver new features and improvements faster.
  • Reinvented the search experience for borrowers: we made improvements to how borrowers choose dates, filter cars, add to favourites and use maps. Plus, borrowers can now see their search history and use promo codes. 
  • Optimised the navigation experience for owners: owners can now see their car's calendar with fewer taps. For multi-car owners, the new navigation experience allows you to select the car you want to manage from any screen and view all cars from the calendar.

These changes are just the beginning – our teams are researching and planning many more exciting features to come in the near future. See all upcoming features.

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Will my login details stay the same?

Yes, you can use your existing login details to access the website and Uber Carshare app.

Will this change how I contact Car Next Door?

Our email addresses and social media accounts have changed. You’ll now receive emails from,,, and (if you’ve opted in to receive marketing emails). It’s a good idea to add our new email addresses to your contact list to avoid missing an email in your junk folder. 

And for our social accounts, make sure to follow our new Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

How will members be supported if the platform is growing but the team is staying the same?

We're currently working to scale up our support teams to make sure we can continue to offer the best service we can.

Will this change any policies, agreements or T&Cs?

Besides updating our name, there aren’t any changes to the legal stuff. Your rights and obligations as a borrower or owner are still the same.

I have an Uber One membership, will there be Uber Carshare perks?

We don’t currently have any special offers planned for Uber One members. If you’re an Uber member or Uber Carshare member, we’ll contact you directly if you’re eligible for any promotions and offers.

Does this mean I’m automatically an Uber member?

Uber Carshare accounts and Uber accounts are different, so you won't automatically become an Uber member.

How do I report an issue with my Uber trip or Uber Eats delivery?

You can submit a support ticket via the Uber or Uber Eats in-app help centre by selecting the specific trip or delivery you want to report. Alternatively, you can reach out through

For borrowers

Will the rebrand change how I book or take a trip?

Although our app and website might look a little different, the way you book or take a trip won't change.

What happens if I have an upcoming trip?

Our new look won't affect how you take a trip. The only thing you need to do is download the latest version of our app to see our new look.

Keep in mind that most cars will still have the Car Next Door stickers on them while we help owners update their stickers.

For owners

Will the rebrand change how I share my car as an owner?

We won’t be making any major changes to how you list a car, receive bookings, or manage your account, but it’ll look a little different.

Do I need to update my car’s profile?

There are a couple of things you might need to update to help transition from Car Next Door to Uber Carshare. 

  1. Update your car’s welcome message
    If you mention Car Next Door specifically, change it to Uber Carshare.
  2. Replace your car’s stickers
    Follow our instructions to carefully remove your Car Next Door stickers.
  3. Take new photos of your car
    Show off your new stickers to borrowers and update your car’s profile photos.
  4. Update any ads for your car
    If you advertise your car on Gumtree, Facebook or other places, make sure to use our new website URL, and update photos or mentions of Car Next Door.

Will any current offers or promotions by Car Next Door change?

Your earnings and our commission structure haven’t changed.

How do I get the new car stickers?

You should have received an email from us to order your new stickers. If you find the email, check your junk folder before contacting us

How do I replace my car stickers?

Once you’ve received your new Uber Carshare stickers, the next thing to do is put them on your car and take new car photos for your car’s profile.

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Will this change my earnings or how commission is calculated?

Your earnings and our commission structure will be the same as it is today.

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