Your car's earnings will vary with the seasons. In winter, bookings may be slower while in the warmer months your car will likely be much busier.

In the meantime, you can enjoy discounted mobile car care services, plus you're able to rent utes, vans or cars from other members whenever you need another set of wheels.


December to February is the busiest time of the year for car sharing. Peak season means there are lots of longer trips, and owner earnings are pushed to the max. 


You'll start to notice bookings slow down after the summer peak season. Easter and public holidays keep things rolling between March to May. 


June to August are typically the quietest months for car sharing. This is normal – in fact, it's experienced throughout the car hire industry.

To encourage bookings, make sure your car has good availability, and consider reducing the rates for the low season.


Things pick up again from September to November. Your car’s earnings rise with the temperature.


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