Short answer:

You should make sure you return the car in a clean state so it’s ready for whoever drives it next. In most cases, you shouldn't need to get it cleaned, but if it's particularly dirty you should give it a quick clean before you return it.

Always return the car clean, and ready for the next person. Take a couple of minutes to:

  • check that you've taken all rubbish and personal items with you
  • give the floor mats a quick shake
  • clean up any mess you or your passengers have made

If the car is particularly dirty, for example, if you've been to the beach and there's sand in the car, you may need to give it a quick clean. Swing by the nearest car wash to give it a quick vacuum or wash so it's ready to go for the next driver. 


If you return a car dirty, not only are you at risk of receiving a negative review, but you could also be charged a fee. Learn more about fees.

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