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In the first few months, it may take a while for bookings to build momentum. This is completely normal and to be expected. Your car's earning will grow over the first three to six months.

Try to give it a minimum of six months to allow bookings to build, as more local people become aware of your car through our marketing initiatives. It will likely grow year-on-year after that.

Some cars are busy right away, but for others it will take a few months to build up a group of regular borrowers. 

How to get your car revving

There are many variables that affect how often a car is booked, including the car's location and seasonal demand.

There are some things you can do to help attract bookings, including making sure your car has good availability and it's competitively priced.

Find out more about how you can maximise your car's earnings 

Case studies

Here are a couple of real-life stories of other owners we've worked with who've started out slowly.

1: Harry's VW Polo 

Harry listed his 2015 blue VW Polo in Richmond, but it didn't get any bookings in the first month and only one booking in the second month. Harry called us saying that he wanted to take the car off the platform. It was a great car in a great area and I knew it would be a success, so I worked with Harry to:

  • improve his car's profile to make it clearer and more attractive
  • lower the rates slightly to attract his initial group of repeat borrowers and get those first bookings rolling in

Harry earned $239 the next month, then averaged just over $300 for a few months. As the Summer rush hit, he earned $572 in December and $661 in January.  By April his car brought in $736. He was able to gradually bring the rates back up over time as his car got busier.

Harry's earned $7,144 in his first year on the platform, despite having a few months where he was using the car himself and didn't rent it out much at all. 

2: Cam's Ute

Another example is Cam, who listed his Ute in Woollahra at $8/hour and $40/day. He was one of the early members in the suburb and there weren't many other cars around.

In his first month, Cam earned nothing. He dropped his rates back to $6 an hour and $30 a day just to get some initial attention. The next month, his earnings jumped to $182. He bumped the price back up to $7/hr and $35/day.

The next month he got 7 bookings and earned $532, then $679 the next month. He's now averaging around $450/month income, and his rates are back up to their starting level.

Cam puts the increase in earnings down to time (it took a few months for people in the area to get to know about his ute and then get around to using it), and that initial boost from lowering his rates and attracting a few regulars.  

The income figures above are the owner's income after we take our commission. You'll still have costs for running your car, but many of these may be tax deductible.

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