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You set your own hourly, daily and distance rates for your car. You can change these at any time through the website or app.

You can set your rates between $4 and $100 an hour, and between $20 and $500 a day. You can also choose your own distance rate from 13c, 25c, 31c, 37c or 45c per kilometre. Keep in mind that 8c per km is added to your distance rate to pay Mobility Mutual for providing damage and loss cover for the borrower.

Changing your car's rates

In the website

  1. Log in and go to Cars
  2. Select Manage car
  3. Select Listing
  4. Select Rates
  5. Enter your car's time rates or choose your distance rate
  6. Save your changes

In the app

  1. Login and go to Cars
  2. Select Profile
  3. Scroll down to Rates
  4. Enter your car's time rates or choose your distance rate
  5. Select Update rates

Initial rates

When your car is first listed, we'll set the initial rates so that we can get it online ASAP. You are able to review and adjust these rates at any time.

Any changes won't affect existing bookings

Your rate change will take effect immediately, so any trips booked after you make the change will be charged at the new rates.

Changing your rates won't affect existing bookings. The borrower will be charged the rates that were in effect at the time they made the booking.

Guidance on rate-setting

Not sure what to charge for your car?

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  • Hi, I note that the article says "experiment with raising your rates during busy periods". Is it possible to have a forward calendar for Owners where we can set the rates for specific days? It is difficult to manage changing rates to capitalise on busy periods (school holidays etc.). I have a booking 7 months in advance where they are locking in low rates over the peak periods. On one hand, good that it is booked, on the other, likely missed opportunity for higher rates.

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