Using our Bluetooth technology with Instant Keys

Most cars using our Instant Keys technology have a lockbox and GPS device, but some cars are eligible to use our all-in-one Bluetooth device instead. 

This new technology allows borrowers to lock and unlock a car using the Uber Carshare app during their trip. 

How it works

As an owner, you can either unlock and lock the car using the app, or you can use your key. During the installation process, a locksmith creates a modified key (we call this a dummy key) which is left inside the car's glovebox for borrowers. 

During a trip, borrowers press a button in the app to connect their mobile phone and unlock the car. They then get the dummy key that's inside the glovebox and start their trip.

For peace of mind, the dummy key won't work in the ignition unless the car has been unlocked using the app.

If your or a borrower have any issues, our team can also unlock and lock the car remotely.

Here's what borrowers see:

Your_trip_OP_Before_pickup_open.png     Frame_571.png


The Bluetooth device is only offered to certain owners using Instant Keys in specific locations, our team actively reaches out to owners with eligible cars.  

Some things we take into consideration:

  • If the car is already using Instant Keys
  • If the car is located in specific areas within Victoria, Queensland or New South Wales
  • If the lockbox is located on the car, and if the car is parked on the street
  • If the car's technology is compatible 

If you are interested in using our Bluetooth technology, you can register your interest.

How the Bluetooth device is installed

We organise a day and time for an installer to visit your car and replace your existing lockbox and GPS with the new technology. We'll block out your car's calendar as well so you won't receive bookings during that time. 

All you need to do is hand over all the keys you have for your car (spares, plus originals). If you forget a set of keys, they won't work after the new device is installed. 

  1. Hand over all your car keys – leave a set in your lockbox and the rest in your car's glovebox
  2. An installer picks up the keys and organises a dummy key
  3. The device is installed in your car and the old lockbox and GPS is removed 
  4. All keys are left in the glovebox of your car 
  5. You open the car using the app to remove all your keys except for the dummy key

It's safe to leave the dummy key in the glovebox as the car won't start if it hasn't been opened using the app. 

The costs

There aren't any upfront or ongoing costs for installing, using or uninstalling the Bluetooth device – it's free for owners. 

If you forget to provide a set of keys during installation, we can organise a locksmith to create a new key for you at your own expense. There's a $40 admin fee, plus the cost to replace the key (cost varies for each car)

If you (or a borrower) lose the dummy key, there's a replacement cost that's charged to the person who lost the key. The cost varies depending on the type of car you have.

Cars with keyless entry

For keyless entry vehicles, there's no key in the vehicle. The start button will only work if the vehicle has been unlocked using the app or remotely by Uber Carshare. Your key will still work as normal.

Borrowers are given all instructions on how to pick up and return the vehicle in the app.

Uninstalling the technology

We'll arrange for a technician to remove the technology. There aren't any fees to uninstall if you choose to stop sharing your car. They'll remove the device from your car for you and return it. 

You can choose to keep the dummy key if you like, but keep in mind that it can only be used to manually lock and unlock the car – it won't work in the ignition unless you have the original key with you. 

Troubleshooting and support

The car won't start with the dummy key

There are a couple of things you can try:

1. Check the ignition and OBD port – make sure that everything is intact from the outside and there aren't any signs of damage. If so, contact us to organise an installer to repair it. 

2. Check your car's GPS location in the app – if the location is wrong, there's a chance the Bluetooth device has been unplugged from the OBD port. Try reconnecting to see if that works. 

The car won't lock or unlock using the app

The first thing to do is check if:

  • Bluetooth is switched on
  • The car is connected to the app.
  • You're standing next to the driver's door

If you've already done that, the device might have been unplugged from the OBD port. Try reconnecting the device to see if that works. 

The car won't start with a regular car key 

All you need to do is lock the car through the app. You'll then be able to start using the car using the original key.

The car's location is incorrect in the app

When the car is parked in an underground or high-rise car park, the GPS data can be delayed until the car is back on the road.

If your car isn't parked in a covered area, there's a chance the Bluetooth device has been unplugged from the OBD port. Try reconnecting to see if that works.

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