The safety and security of all vehicles listed on Uber Carshare is fundamental. We remain committed to investing in vehicle security technology, resources and processes to reduce the likelihood of theft and enhance the experience for all owners and borrowers using our platform.

These are our tips for how you can help keep your car safe whilst listed on Uber Carshare.

Move your lockbox to your property

Where possible, attach your lockbox to your property instead of your car.

Park in a secure spot

If you usually park your car on the street outside your home or work, we recommend parking in the driveway or garage. 

If it’s in a different area, then it’s a good idea to park in a well-lit area close to nearby CCTV.

Check your car regularly

If you can, check your car after each trip and between bookings to make sure:

  • it’s parked in a secure spot
  • the doors are locked
  • the windows are up

If you’re using Instant Keys, check that the GPS device is connected and that the lockbox doesn’t have any damage. 

Report suspicious behaviour

If you notice suspicious behaviour where your car is parked, report it to the local police so they can investigate.

Stay up to date

Treat any email from us about your Uber Carshare devices with importance.

If you need to report any new damage or that your car has been stolen, our security team is here to support you.


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