Updates to our policies – August 2023

We've made changes across our policies to the fuel refund process, car rules and more.

Summary of changes

Member Agreement

View the latest Member Agreement.

Clause Summary
10.5(p) Smoking has always been prohibited in cars shared on our platform - this update makes it clear that this rule applies to vapes and e-cigarettes too.
11.4, 11.5, 11.7 If there’s a theft event during a trip,  Borrowers must co-operate and assist by sharing information with us and provide requested assistance and documents - just as they would in the event of an accident.
12.2 Borrowers must provide us with a valid tax invoice within 45 days (not 3 months) from the date of purchase of the fuel to claim a fuel refund. This helps to keep the fuel refund process efficient and fair for everyone.
New 12.4 - 12.6 Owners must regularly check their account for fuel refund charges and dispute any amounts within 45 days of the refund being submitted. This helps to keep the fuel refund process efficient and fair for everyone.
21.1 and 21.2 We may send members notices by text message, or via our website or app - not just by email. This update reflects the way we communicate with members today.
Throughout Uber Technologies, Inc replaces Uber BV as party to the agreement. Uber Carshare’s team will continue to operate the platform and provide services and support to members.
Throughout Minor changes for consistency and clarity.


Other policy updates

Policy Summary

Owner Guarantee

New definition of “Theft Loss’, “Covered Loss” and “Security Hardware”


New clauses 3.9-3.11


New clause 6.3

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep our community secure, we’re continuing to roll out new security hardware and other theft prevention strategies. 

We recognise our shared responsibility to protect cars shared on our platform, which is why we’re backing these efforts up with an extension to the Owner Guarantee. 

The Owner Guarantee is now extended to cover situations where the software or hardware that we have supplied was the cause of, or a contributing factor to, a theft (“Theft Loss”).

This guarantee is subject to Owners playing their part, by promptly following our instructions to:

  • install Security Hardware; 
  • maintain it (including, performing firmware updates, or replacing batteries); or  
  • take any other step relating to the security of your Vehicle that we reasonably request

We’ll reimburse any reasonable out-of-pocket costs Owners may incur in following our instructions. 

Naturally, the Owner Guarantee won’t respond if an Owner’s own actions caused or contributed to a Theft Loss. Read the updated Owner Guarantee for the full terms and conditions.

This change is also reflected in Mobility Mutual’s Between Booking Cover PDS for Owners on the Full-Time Fleet plan.

Fees Policy

Fee for unpaid fuel – $60 admin fee, plus the cost of fuel

This fee is charged to cover the reasonable costs of ensuring fuel is properly paid for. For example, the costs of attending the petrol station to pay for the fuel on behalf of the owner.


Fee for driving a car on the beach – $60 admin fee, plus cleaning and repair costs

It is a breach of our terms to drive a car on the beach. It can result in fees, exclusion from damage and loss cover, and account deactivation.


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