What happens if you get a fine during a trip

Short answer:

If you get a speeding, parking or other traffic fine or infringement notice while borrowing a car (including where the car gets a parking fine after you leave it), you'll be responsible for paying the fine plus a $40 admin fee, and taking any associated demerit points.

If you're issued a fine during your trip

If you're issued a fine during your trip, pay it straight away and email a photo of the fine to members@ubercarshare.com with proof of payment.

This will prevent the owner from receiving a copy of the fine from the authorities, and you’ll avoid having to pay an additional fee under the Fee Schedule for transferring the fine to your name.

If the owner is sent a fine after your trip

If an owner receives a fine after your trip, we'll provide them with the details they need to reassign the fine to you. This includes your name, address, date of birth, driver's licence number, and state or country of issue. The owner will then inform the issuing authority that you're responsible for the fine, and the authority will reissue the fine directly to you.

We'll also charge you a $40 admin fee.

If you think you have been assigned a fine incorrectly

You can contest the fine with the relevant authority once the fine is in your name.

If you were sharing the driving with another member and the fine was incurred while they were driving, you'll be able to reassign the fine to them once the fine is in your name. Just follow the instructions on the fine notice you'll receive in the mail.

Remember: if the car gets a parking fine in the place you left it, you're responsible – no matter how long it's been since your trip ended.

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  • Hi There,

    Can you advise if the $40 admin fee also covers Car Next Door and / or the owner informing the borrower that they have incurred a fine?

    I ask because I have personally seen an experience in which a borrower on another platform (GoGet) had moved houses and incurred a fine at around the same time. The old address was provided to the issuing authority, but never received by the borrower who was also never informed by GoGet. The fine remained unpaid for more than a year and resulted in significant late-payment fees, all of which could have been resolved by (apart from not incurring the fine in the first place), the platform informing the borrower that their details had been forwarded for the purposes of redirecting the fine.

    It's a small thing, but can make a huge difference to your customer satisfaction ratings if someone else is caught out this way in the future.

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