You pay for your trip in two parts: at checkout when you book and then after your trip ends.


Pre-trip costs

Hire costs that are charged at the time you book a car.

Time charges

Each car has an hourly and daily rate. You pay by the hour until you reach the daily rate – the daily rate is the most you'll pay for a car in a 24-hour period.

Example: A car costs $5 an hour and $25 a day. You’ll pay for each hour up to 5 hours (5 x $5 = $25) and then the rate will be capped at $25 for the remainder of the 24-hour period.

Some cars have higher rates on certain days or times of the year. You’ll also find some car owners offer discounts when cars are booked for 3 days or more, or 12 days or more.

Booking fee 

To help operate Uber Carshare, we charge a booking fee. The fee varies to reflect our operating costs for different types of trips, however the most you will be charged is $9.99.

Basic Cover

Basic Cover is 10% of the time charges. It provides you with damage and loss cover for your trip.

Premium Cover (optional add-on)

You can reduce your excess from $2,000 to $500 for an additional $1.50 an hour or $18 a day.

First trip deposit $150

This deposit is collected at checkout and refunded after your trip (after your driving costs are deducted). Learn more about the $150 deposit.

Post-trip costs

Distance charges

You pay a distance charge for each kilometre you drive. The owner sets the distance rate for the car (21c, 33c, 39c, 45c or 53c). You can see the rate on the car's profile.

This cost includes damage and loss cover, fuel and the car's running costs.


If you drive through any tolls, they’ll be added to your final trip charge, along with a processing fee of $0.86 for each one.

Tolls are tracked and charged to you automatically, so you don't need to buy a toll pass or bring your own toll tag.

Additional fees

To make sure all members have the best experience, we charge additional fees to cover things like late returns, cleanliness, damage, lost keys and parking infringements. See all admin and inconvenience fees.

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