Note: This information is for borrowers. If you're a car owner and would like to change your sharing plan, please contact us.

Short answer:

To switch from our legacy $19/month Heavyweight plan to our free borrowing plan get in touch to request the change.

Borrowers who joined before 16 March 2021 may be on our legacy $19/month Heavyweight plan. If you're on our Heavyweight plan and would like to switch to our free borrowing plan, simply contact us to request the change - chat is usually the quickest option.

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  • I want to change my membership plan. I don’t need to see how to do it. I know how but it will not let me go to my account!

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  • "Borrowing plan" isn't present on the "" page. I see the following. No "borrowing plan". This is a literal copy-paste of the text of the page.

    profile image
    (my name)
    Borrowing since (month year)
    View your profile
    Account summary
    Check your balance and past invoices and transactions.

    Notification preferences
    Choose which communications you want to receive.

    Payment preferences
    Tell us how you want to pay and be paid

    Personal information
    Update your phone number or home address

    Privacy & security
    Update your password or deactivate your account here.

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  • Yeh there's no change of membership plan option, please look into it.

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  • Where is the option ? Cant find it under Account tab ? Provide the link plz.

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  • I also had the same problem as all the others above. However, being a bit of a nerd, I did some noodling around and discovered that will take you to the page where you can change your plan. Hope that helps the next person who bumps into this problem. Really CND you need to fix this, and fast. It's a very bad look for a service that I really like.

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  • Hi everyone, sorry for the confusion here. We made some changes to our borrowing plans and failed to update this article first. It's updated now. Sorry again for the hassle!

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