Merging or deactivating your borrower account

Merging multiple accounts

If you’ve accidentally signed up twice using different email addresses, you'll have two Uber Carshare accounts.

Call us and we’ll help you work out which account you’d like to keep or deactivate, as well as any information that needs to be updated.

Deactivating your account

If you have a car you’re sharing, you'll need to pause or delist your car.

In the app

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Privacy and security
  3. Tap Deactivate your account

In the website

  1. Log in to our website
  2. Go to the Menu in the top right corner and select Account
  3. Select Privacy & security
  4. Select Deactivate

To use Uber Carshare again, reactivate your account at any time by logging in and going to the Account page. If you'd like us to delete your account and personal information, you need to send a request.

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  • I want to cancel my membership but there is no tab in the app to do this. Martin

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  • hi i wanna cancel member ship , could you contact me please ?


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