Once you've signed up and your details have been verified, taking a trip is simple. 

How to book a car, van or ute

To book, just visit the website or download the app, search for available cars that match your needs and book. You don't need to wait for the owner to confirm. 

Your trip can be as short as an hour, and increase in increments of 15 minutes.

Trip instructions

Log in to the app 15 minutes before your trip starts. We’ll walk you step-by-step through your whole trip.

Before you drive…

Remember, you're a guest in a real person’s car. Please take care of it as you would for a friend.

  • Only you or other verified members may drive the car — any other drivers won't be protected by the damage and loss cover
  • Don't smoke or vape in or near the car
  • Return the car clean and tidy, ready for the next driver
  • If anything goes wrong, let the owner know — don’t wait for them to discover damage, spills or fines themselves

1. Get the keys and find the car

If you're borrowing an Instant Keys car:

To get the approximate location before your trip starts, select the trip from the Trips section in the app. The car's location is shown so you can head to the right area.

15 minutes before your trip starts, select Pickup instructions. You'll see step-by-step instructions on how and where to pick up the car.

The keys for most Instant Keys cars are secured in a lockbox. It may be on the car’s window, or attached to a fence or building nearby. In the app, you'll see instructions tailored to the car you've booked.

If the lockbox is on the car's window, take it off and store it safely in the car while you drive.

Some Instant Keys cars use Bluetooth technology, so this means you can unlock and lock the car using the app. 

If you're borrowing a Key Handover car:

You’ll need to meet the owner to pick up the keys. The app will give you instructions to get in touch with the owner and arrange to meet. The owner will be able to let you know where the car is currently parked.

2. Check the car and take photos

Now that it’s unlocked, do a quick check of the car.

As part of this process, the app will prompt you to take multiple photos of the car. 

Take photos of all surfaces of the car and the car's interior and upload them through the app. This is especially important the car is not in good condition, is dirty or has less than ¼ tank of fuel. 

You'll take photos again when you return the car. If you can't upload the photos as you take them, make sure you upload them within 48 hours of your trip ending.

Your photos protect you. If damage is found later, and your before-and-after photos show that it wasn't caused during your trip, you won’t be held responsible.

3. Read the owner’s instructions

Each car is unique. The car owner’s instructions will tell you any tips and tricks for using their car.

You’ll get the owner’s contact details in case you need to ask them a question. 

4. Enter the odometer reading (Key Handover only)

If you're borrowing a Key Handover car: enter the current odometer reading and upload a photo of the dash showing the odometer before you drive.

5. Refuel if the fuel tank is less than 1/4 full

You must return the car with the fuel tank at least ¼ full, so the next driver can get on their way. The car’s instructions tell you what type of fuel to use.

You don’t pay for fuel yourself — it's included in the distance charge.

If you need to fill up, pay for fuel using your own money and upload a photo of the receipt for reimbursement.

6. Returning the car

When you're ready to return the car, open the app and start the return instructions. You'll see directions on where to park. Some cars have a dedicated parking spot, like a garage or driveway. Others are parked on the street.

In very busy areas, you may need to plan extra time to find a park at the end of your trip.

If the car is parked on the street, check the instructions and parking signs very carefully. If you leave a car in a place where it gets a parking fine — no matter how long after your trip ends — you’ll need to pay the fine.

7. Check, lock and leave

If you're borrowing a Key Handover car: enter the final odometer reading and upload another photo of the dash showing the odometer (Key Handover cars only).

For all cars: take another set of photos clearly showing all surfaces of the car and the car's interior, and upload them through the app or website.

Before you leave the car, check you've:

  • taken all your belongings 
  • left the car clean and with at least ¼ tank of fuel
  • closed all the windows
  • turned off all the lights 
  • locked the doors

Use the app to generate a lockbox code, put the key back inside and close the lockbox securely. If the lockbox was on the car's window, make sure you put it back in place.

Need more time?

It’s simple to extend your trip through the app, as long as no one else has booked the car. Just follow the prompts to set a new end time.

To avoid late fees, make sure you extend before the trip is due to end.

If you return the car early, you’ll still pay for the time you booked, unless someone else books it. This is because the owner may have made plans around your booking, and missed the chance to rent the car to someone else.

Not a member yet? Here's how to join

Once you sign up and become a verified borrower. you'll be able to borrow cars, vans and utes across Australia. 

It only takes a few minutes to apply and you can be on the road today. 

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