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Eligibility criteria

To become a member you must:

  • be at least 18 years old (see below if under 21) and no more than 85 years old
  • not have had any licence suspensions or disqualifications, major traffic violations or alcohol/drug-related driving incidents in the past 5 years
  • not have been convicted of, or have any pending convictions for, a criminal offence in any jurisdiction
  • hold a full unrestricted licence (no P plates or provisional licences)
  • have an appropriate credit or debit card with sufficient credit to cover your excess for the duration of time that you are borrowing a car, as well as any trip pre-payments or deposits
  • have a satisfactory credit history (we'll do a credit check during your sign-up)

Under 21?

If you're aged between 18 and 20, you can join provided you hold a full licence (no provisional licences or P plates). If you're under 21, you'll only be able to book a limited number of cars in the City of Sydney. Once you turn 21, you'll have access to our full fleet of cars, vans and utes across Australia.

If you're on your P plates and want to rent out a car, you can still join. See 'P-plates or provisional licences' below for more information.

Not an Australian citizen?

You're still very welcome to join. See our information for international drivers.

P-plates or provisional licences

The damage and loss cover only covers fully licenced drivers, so if you hold a provisional licence or are on your P plates (red or green) you won’t be able to join right now. Once you have come off your P plates and hold a full licence, you’ll be eligible to join and book cars.

If you're on your P plates and want to rent out a car, you can join but you won't be able to borrow other people's cars. Apply to list your car and we'll be in touch to let you know how it works.

Only have a digital licence?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept digital licences, as we have no way of verifying them. Physical licences are still issued to all drivers and Service NSW recommends you continue to carry the physical licence to avoid inconvenience.

This is required for applications only – once approved as a member, drivers may use their digital licence where permitted by state laws.   

Continuing eligibility depends on your driving record

If you're involved in a traffic incident or commit a traffic violation while you're a member, you must tell either us about it or cancel your membership. In the event of a damage claim, we'll request a copy of your official driving record. If it turns out that you haven't given us all of the relevant information about your driving history, you may not be covered.

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  • I would like to know if my daughter, who at this point in time lives in Singapore but holds a full NSW license and is a Permanent resident of Australia and is married Australian, can drive a CND car?
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  • Hi, i just want to know if i just put car for borrowing, do i need to keep full lincenes? (I'm in Melbourne)

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