Short answer:

Interested in renting out your car? Start your car's profile, complete a few steps and when you're ready, publish your car. 

Start your car's listing

Enter a few basic details about your car to get started. You aren't committing to anything: this just helps us know if your car is eligible. 

Complete the listing checklist

This is where you'll craft your car's profile, upload photos of its condition, add pick-up and drop-off instructions – and most importantly, set your car's availability and rates for borrowers.

Order your Instant Keys kit  

There are two ways to share cars: Key Handover and Instant Keys.

Key Handover is good for owners who have time to meet with borrowers to exchange keys and track distance.

Instant Keys is good for owners who want who want to make their car available, when they're not, and earn more. 

Order your Instant Keys kit from your car's checklist. We'll then post the kit out to you with set-up instructions. 

Publish your listing

Now your car is ready for bookings and you can start earning money. 

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