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How much you’ll pay in membership fees depends on which sharing plan you choose. There’s a free plan, a $19 plan and a $119 plan. Each plan makes it possible to earn money from your car, with different inclusions.

Our sharing plans

  Key Handover Instant Keys Full-Time Fleet
Monthly membership fee Free $19 $119
Your earnings  60%  60%  75%
Our commission 40% 40% 25%
Device shipping N/A Shipping fee may apply Shipping fee may apply

Damage cover

Included for all bookings Included for all bookings Included for all bookings

Between- booking cover

Not included Not included Between-booking cover ($500 excess) included
Roadside assistance Included for all bookings Included for all bookings Provided for your car at all times
Eligibility requirements Standard eligibility requirements Standard eligibility requirements

Standard eligibility requirements plus:

Minimum of 80% availability for each month

Maximum annual distance of 1,000kms outside  bookings1

Borrowing plan to rent a car from other owners Standard borrowing plan Heavyweight borrowing plan Heavyweight borrowing plan


1 The 1,000 km limit applies to your personal use of the vehicle outside of bookings.
The total distance driven outside of bookings is calculated over 12 months.
This starts from when you first publish your listing and continues for each year thereafter.


All plans also include

  • Use of our website and app to manage your car
  • Support around the clock from our friendly team if you or a borrower need help
  • A distance rate that you can set to cover your running costs

Which plan should I choose?

Each sharing plan has been designed to suit a different kind of owner.

Key Handover is good for owners who have time to meet with borrowers to exchange keys and track distance. It’s also the best plan for cars parked in a secure car park garage that borrowers can’t access themselves.

Instant Keys is good for owners who want convenience as you can make your car available when you're not. Cars using Instant Keys generally earn more. 

Full-Time Fleet is designed for cars that are dedicated to sharing and only driven by the owner short distances for sharing-related purposes (like taking it to the mechanic, petrol station or car wash).

Learn more about Key Handover and Instant Keys

Changing your plan

You can change your sharing plan at any time, and the change will take effect immediately. Note that bookings made before the plan change will be billed at the old plan's commission rates, and if Between-booking cover is included in the plan, it will only apply from the date the plan was changed.

If you'd like to switch:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Cars
  3. Select your Car listing
  4. Select Exchanging keys
  5. Choose which plan you’d like

Switching to Full-Time Fleet

This option is only available to owners using Instant Keys for their cars. Go to the Exchanging keys to switch.

If you’re currently using Key Handover, you need to go to the Exchanging keys page in your car listing to switch to Instant Keys first and order your kit. You’ll then have the option to switch to Full-Time Fleet.

Our commission

We take a commission on your car’s time earnings: that is, the hourly and daily rates that you set for your car. 

The commission varies depending on the sharing plan you choose.

We don’t charge a commission on the distance rate that you set for your car. This amount is intended to cover fuel and other running costs. 

The commission you pay supports the services we offer you

You get a better experience as we improve the services and products we offer you, from customer support to the tools you can use to help you earn from car sharing. 

Get your car earning for you now. 
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  • The book a call link doesn’t work!

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  • Hi Damien, I've just tested the link and it's working for me. There are no time slots available in February though so if you'd like to discuss changing plans sooner than next month (or you're still having trouble with the book a call link) it's best to lodge a help request at and our Owner Experience team will get back to you.

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  • "Owners on the Legacy plan receive 50% of the first $240 in hourly and daily earnings each month, and 75% of hourly and daily earnings after that. There's a minimum availability requirement for cars on this sharing plan: cars must be available for 50% of weekdays and 50% of weekend days each month." What happens when they are blocked out for more than required time? What does CND take then?

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  • Can I as an owner access to GPS position of my car with Instant Keys plan?

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