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For our Instant Keys plan using our lockbox, borrowers need to get the keys from the lockbox without meeting you. If this isn't possible, you could share your car on our Key Handover plan if you're able to meet borrowers at the start and end of each booking.

Instant Keys plan

Our Instant Keys plan uses a secure lockbox to allow borrowers to collect and return the keys without meeting you. This means they need to be able to access the lockbox from the street. Most bookings are made at short notice, so you often won't have time to arrange to meet the borrower or move the car out of the garage for them.

There are some options that would make it possible to rent your car out on our Instant Keys plan:

  • If you can park your car on the street instead, this will let you share your car with all of our borrowers.
  • We may be able to fix the lockbox to a secure location outside the building and put the car keys and garage key in it, which will let borrowers get into the garage and access your car. Generally, you'd need strata/body corporate permission to attach the lockbox outside the garage (it's not a permanent installation) and we can send you more information to help discuss this with your body corporate.
  • If pedestrians can access the car park without a key, but require a pass to exit in a car, then you can keep your pass in the car.

Key Handover plan

Our Key Handover plan is perfect for cars that live in locked garages. You'll need to be available to meet borrowers before and after each booking to exchange the keys in person. Learn more about Key Handover.

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