Renting out your car when you're on holidays or in another place

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If you're going away or if your car isn't parked near your home, you can rent it out – you'll just need to make sure you're keeping track of its bookings and condition. We have some tools to help you check on your car remotely, or you can ask someone to check on your car in person from time to time.

If you're going away (or you're not able to check on your car in person regularly), there are several tools available to make it easy to rent out your car and manage it remotely:

  • nominate a back-up contact, like a housemate, friend or family member, who we can contact about your car if any issues come up (and leave a spare key with them if you have one)
  • if you need somewhere to park your car while you're away, find a car sitter through our Car Sitting program (or try asking your regular borrowers if they are interested in car-sitting under the program) - they can park the car at their place in exchange for a small amount of driving credit each month
  • check the photos borrowers upload at the start and end of each booking and report any issues you notice to us as soon as possible
  • check your car's reviews regularly and look out for any issues Borrowers are reporting, like mechanical issues or the car being dirty
  • use our mobile cleaning and mechanic partners to take care of your car - many offer discounts to members and thanks to the lockbox you don't need anyone to give them access to the car. Check out the Car Care Services for members (must be logged in to a owner account to access)
  • make sure someone is checking your mail in case you get any fine notices a borrower is responsible for - we'll help you reassign the fine, but if you miss the due date it becomes a lot more complicated! If no one is able to check your mail, you can ask your state's transport office to update your mailing address to send any mail to your backup contact instead.

To get the most of out renting out your car, we recommend you commit to doing it for at least 3 months as it takes a little while for a car to get established on the platform and earn a regular income. If you're going to be away for a few months, or willing to keep sharing your car after you get back, we'd love to have your car join our neighbourly car-sharing community! 

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