Short answer:

If you're on our Instant Keys plan, our in-car GPS will show you where your last borrower parked your car. You can see your car's current location in the website or app by clicking 'Get location'.

If you're on our Key Handover plan, you'll meet the borrower at the end of the booking to collect the keys. You can ask them where they parked your car then.

Borrowers follow the parking instructions you've set to return your car to the right place. If your car is parked on the street, then borrowers will try to park it as close to its home location as possible at the end of their trip. This may not be exactly where they picked it up or where you last saw it.

To find your car:

  1. Log in to the website or app
  2. Go to Cars and select your car
  3. Click Get location
  4. You'll see your car's current location as a pin on a map

Note that for privacy reasons you can't see where your car is while it's in a booking.

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