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Your monthly invoice details all your car's bookings and earnings, fuel charges, and any other credits or debits on your account.

Your PDF invoice can be downloaded from your Account page when you log in to the website (not the app) after the end of each month. It'll also be emailed to you.

What's on your invoice 

Your invoice details all the earnings and charges on your account from the last calendar month.

Your earnings

When a borrower uses your car, you receive:

  • Time earnings: a percentage of the time charges, as per your sharing plan
  • Distance earnings: 13c, 25c, 31c, 37c or 45c per kilometre that the borrower drives, depending on the distance rate you choose

Fuel charges

You may see charges on your invoice for fuel borrowers bought for your car. These charges may be higher or lower than the amount of fuel that borrowers have used that month, which can be confusing.

Fuel is charged to you in the month it's purchased, while the borrower pays for it in the month their trip ends, so it can sometimes seem as though you've paid more for fuel than you got paid back for.

Read more about how fuel charges work

Monthly membership fee

Depending on your sharing plan, you may pay a monthly membership fee. In your first month of sharing your car, you'll pay a pro-rata fee for the remaining days of your first month. You’ll be charged at the beginning of each calendar month thereafter.


If we’ve provided a toll tag for your car, your personal tolls will appear on your invoice and be deducted from your earnings. Tolls are processed within the day or at the end of each month, depending on when we receive a statement from the toll provider, so they may be charged to you up to one month later.

If you’re on the Key Handover plan, reimbursements for any tolls borrowers incurred in your car will appear on your invoice as a credit.

Your trips in other cars

If you borrowed another member’s car this month, the cost of the trip will appear on your invoice and be deducted from your earnings.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Your invoice will detail the GST associated with your car's activity. If you're not registered for GST, the GST on your car's earnings won't be relevant to you. You can read more about GST and car-sharing in our tax and GST resources.

If you are registered for GST, let us know so that we can make sure the tax rates are correct for your car and the GST adds up correctly to 10%.

Understanding your overall financial benefit

To work out how much you're benefiting from renting your car out, you'll need to look beyond the 'Closing Balance' on your account (the amount that goes into your bank account) and understand a bit about your car's running costs. Learn how to work out your car's earnings after costs.

Change of name requests

If you would prefer your invoices listed under another name (because you are registered for GST under a business name, or your finances are shared, for example) please email or chat with us and we can update this for you. This won't change the name on your account, or the name that borrowers see when booking your car — only the invoices.

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  • I have a charge in my invoice, 25 dollars for other credits/charges, what charges? And 35 dollars for other personal costs, what personal costs? Invoices need more info.

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