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You can drive your car when you want to. You just need to block it out through the website or app so it's not available for borrowers.

Your car is available for borrower bookings whenever you haven't booked it yourself. If you need to drive it, it's quick and easy to block it out for your own use in the website or app.

Managing your car's calendar

Our platform has a calendar system that makes it super easy to block out your car for any recurring events or one-off times you need it yourself. 

Booking another car when yours is booked by a borrower 

If you need to drive at a time your car is booked by a borrower, you can book another member's car through the app or website and let yours go out and make you money.

You'll pay for the trip, but it will almost certainly be cheaper than cancelling the booking on your own car. Not only would you lose the income for that booking, but you may also pay a cancellation fee for inconveniencing the borrower (not to mention the risk of upsetting someone who could become a regular customer!).

Want to offset your car's costs?

Rent out your car

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