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It's important that you nominate a back up contact we can call if there's an urgent issue with your car and we can't get in touch with you. If you know you're going to be uncontactable for a time, make your back-up contact the primary contact so we know to call them first.

Nominating a back-up contact

  1. Log in and go to Cars > Manage car > Listing > Preferences in the website, or Cars > Profile > Preferences in the app
  2. Enter the name, phone number and email address of your backup contact
  3. Save your changes

Making your back-up contact the primary contact

If you won’t be available for a certain time, like if you're on holidays or away for a few hours, make your back-up contact the primary contact. We'll contact your back-up contact first when this option is selected, but borrowers will still see your contact details.

If you'd like all notifications (including those from borrowers) to go to a back-up contact, you'll need to update your 'Personal Information' on your account. You can enter your back-up person's contact details in the phone and email fields. Just remember to change them back when you are available again.

  1. Log in and go to Cars > Manage car > Listing > Preferences in the website, or Cars > Profile > Preferences in the app
  2. Select Call back-up contact first
  3. Save your changes

Forwarding notifications to your back-up contact

If you’d like your back-up contact to receive copies of email notifications about your car and its bookings, you can set up rules in your email inbox to forward these emails to your back-up contact.

You can create a filter or rule using the email's subject line to identify notifications from us. These notifications from us contain the following terms in the subject line:

  • '[Booking Alert]' – for emails about new bookings, edited bookings and cancelled bookings
  • '[Car Alert]' – for emails reminding you to renew your car's registration

The process for setting up email forwarding varies depending on your email provider, so search online for the relevant instructions. We've included links below for some of the most popular email providers.

Email forwarding in Gmail
Email forwarding in Outlook
Email forwarding in Yahoo

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