What to do if a borrower returns your car dirty

Short answer:

If a borrower returns your car messy or dirty, take some photos (if the borrower's trip photos don't already show the issue) and report it to us through the help centre. If we can determine who left the mess, we'll compensate you in line with our Cleanliness Policy.

You're responsible for keeping your car up to a basic standard of cleanliness so that any borrowers can feel comfortable driving it, and you're entitled to expect that borrowers will return your car in the same clean state.

If a borrower returns your car messy or dirty, please report it to us through the help centre as soon as possible (see our Cleanliness Policy). You can either refer to the borrower's uploaded trip photos that show the issue or take and upload your own photos.

It's important that you check your car regularly – either in person or by reviewing the borrower's trip photos – so that you can identify which borrower is responsible for the mess. If a number of trips go by without you checking and the trip photos don't show the dirtiness, then we may not be able to charge anyone for the cleaning. 

Report a messy car

We will:

  • contact the responsible borrower
  • charge them a fee and compensate you in line with our Cleanliness Policy

You will need to ensure that the car is clean before the next booking. You can:

  • clean the car yourself;
  • use your preferred cleaner; or
  • find a mobile car cleaner in the Car care services section when logged in to our website.

If it won't be possible for you to clean the car before the next booking, let us know when you report the issue. We can:

  • offer to pass the cleaning cost from the responsible borrower on to the next borrower instead, so that they can clean the car and continue their trip; or
  • move the borrower to another car. 

If your car requires professional cleaning, keep the invoice for reimbursement.

Cleaning invoice requirements
  • You must submit a tax invoice within ten days of the trip end time.
  • The cleaning invoice should detail what was included in the cleaning.
  • If the cleaning invoice does not detail what was included in the cleaning, you must send a website link, a photo of a brochure or signage at the business describing what’s included in the cleaning and the cost.
  • The cleaning must be relevant to the type of mess.
  • If the cleaning covers more than the reported cleanliness issue, we may reimburse only a part of the cost at our discretion, e.g. if you paid to clean the exterior and interior but only reported sand inside the car, we would reimburse 50% of the cleaning cost.

To leave feedback on the borrower, or prevent them from booking your car in the future, leave a review.

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