Depending upon your sharing plan, you may need to keep your car available for a certain percentage across weekdays and weekends each month.

Here you can find out:

  • Minimum availability levels
  • What happens if your availability is low
  • Checking your availability

Minimum availability level

Note: A ‘day’ is the period from midnight to midnight.

Full-Time Fleet

Your car must be available at least 80% of weekdays and 80% of weekend days each month.

Key Handover

No minimum availability level

Instant Keys

No minimum availability level

What happens if your availability is low

If your car’s availability is less than the relevant minimum availability level, we may:

  • charge you an additional amount until your car’s availability increases to offset the costs of having your car on the platform
  • restrict damage and loss cover for your car to borrowers’ bookings only (after notice to you)

We generally look at long-term availability as we recognise that from month to month your need to use your car may fluctuate.

We won’t impose extra charges or restrict coverage before first contacting you.

We’ll take relevant factors into account, like your car’s overall income, whether the low availability is temporary, and your intention to return to good availability levels.

Checking your availability

You can see your car's average weekday and weekend availability for this month, last month, this financial year, and all time in the stats dashboard.

  1. Log in to the website (not app)
  2. Go to Cars
  3. Select Manage car
  4. Select Stats.
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