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You'll need the app to take a trip. It is available from the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Get the app for Android Get the app for iOS

You will need to have an Android 7.0 (Nougat) or iOS 13, or newer. Once you've downloaded the app, log in with your email address and the password that you set when you signed up. 

Borrowers: using the app

The app gives you all the info you need to take a trip. You can:

  • Search for, and book, cars near you
  • Find the car's exact location when it's time to pick it up
  • Generate the code that gets you into the lockbox and lets you return the keys at the end of your trip
  • Get all the instructions you need for your trip, including the owner's instructions
  • Contact the car owner
  • Extend your trip
  • See the parking instructions to drop the car back at the right location
  • Review the car and the owner at the end of your trip 
  • View your transaction history

Owners: using the app

The app currently has some functionality for owners. You can:

  • Generate a code for your car's lockbox
  • See your car's current location at a glance (when it's not in a booking)
  • View your car's calendar
  • Create and manage blockouts
  • View details of past, current and upcoming bookings for each individual car
  • See a full list of your bookings in one place 
  • View booking photos uploaded by borrowers during past bookings
  • Review your borrowers and see your car's reviews
  • Edit your car's profile details
  • Update your car's parking (homezone) details
  • Change your car's rates
  • See a borrower's profile

Features that aren't in the app

We're working on bringing these features to the app, but for now log in to our website to: 

  • Update your profile photo
  • See your invoices and financial year summaries
  • Cancel your account (borrowers only)
  • See your car's statistics (owners only)
  • See a detailed view of your car's current location (owners only)
  • Manage car badges (owners only)
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