Short answer:

The lockbox should be installed to a permanent fixture (like a fence, gate or gas meter) on your property, or on your car's window by a small metal bracket.

The lockbox has a black loop (shackle) at the top that can hook around something like a gate, fence, water or gas meter, pipe or window bars on your property. This is our preferred option.


If there's nowhere suitable on your property, the lockbox can be attached to the car by a small metal bracket. The bracket flips over the top of your rear passenger side window and when the window is wound up the lockbox sits there snugly. The bracket won't damage your window or tinting.


Borrowers are instructed to take the lockbox off and keep it in the car when they're driving. They put it back on the window with the key back inside at the end of their trip. Make sure you do the same when you're driving your car.

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