Short answer:

Each time a borrower books your car, you'll receive an update with the booking details.

If you're on our Key Handover plan, you'll need to contact the borrower so you can arrange to meet and give them the keys before the booking.

If you're on our Instant Keys plan, our secure lockbox handles the key exchange for you, so you just need to make sure your car is clean and has at least a quarter tank of fuel, and the key and lockbox are in place.

Some owners like to message the borrower before the booking to say hello and remind them of any key information, but that's up to you. Borrowers receive all the instructions they need through the app.

See: Contacting the borrower who has booked your car

Not receiving notifications?

If you're not receiving push notifications from us, there are some settings you can adjust to make sure the notifications are sent and you don't miss any.

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