You’re responsible for keeping your car registered, maintained and roadworthy to ensure that it’s safe to drive.


Your responsibilities as an owner

As you’re sharing your car on Uber Carshare, you agree to:

  1. Check your car regularly
  2. Get it serviced regularly
  3. Manage and respond to any safety concerns

This means you need to ensure at all times that your car is roadworthy. See the Member Agreement for more details.


1. Check your car regularly

When checking your car, there a few things to check, such as

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Engine oil
  • Coolant 

Note: This isn’t an exhaustive list of things to check.


  Regular checkups

We’ve created a quick guide for you to use and adapt to help you maintain your car.
Check out our guide on regular checkups


Roadworthy requirements

Roadworthiness requirements may vary depending on where you share your car.

You need to meet these standards for the car to be eligible for sharing.

Always check your car manufacturer’s guide.

Additional car features

If you provide other features for bookings, like roof racks or bicycle racks, they need to be in good working order too.


2. Get your car serviced regularly

Getting your car serviced regularly is required as part of maintaining your car’s roadworthiness.

Refer to your car manufacturer for servicing guidance.


3. If your car isn’t safe to drive

If we receive a report, raising concerns about whether your car is safe to drive:

  • we may make your car unavailable for sharing until the issue is fixed
  • you may need to provide documents that show the issue has been fixed and your car is roadworthy and safe to drive

If a borrower finds an issue during their booking, they can report it to us ad we’ll send you a car safety report to review.

Learn more about managing car safety issues.

Safety issues for your car

If we have concerns about your car’s safety or maintenance, for example if there are multiple safety issues, we may remove your car from the platform permanently.

Keep your car available for sharing and see the Member Agreement for more details.

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