How is my car's value assessed if it is a total loss?

The damage and loss cover includes cover for a total loss, up to the car's market value.

Damage and loss cover is included with all bookings. Cars on our Full-Time Fleet plan also have Between-Booking Cover through Mobility Mutual. This provides protection while parked between bookings and for up to 1,000km of out-of-booking driving each year.

If your car is a total loss

In the unlikely event that your car is damaged beyond repair in an accident or stolen, you will get an amount equal to what your car is currently worth ‘in the market’ - that is what it was worth before the loss occurred.

An independent assessor will assess the current market value of the car at the time that it had the accident. They have a number of different ways of doing this - including consulting Redbook and CarSales and other databases they have on hand. Their assessment will decide what similar cars in a similar condition are worth. 

If you disagree with the market value established by the independent assessor, you may request to have it reviewed and provide any additional information on your car's value that may have been missed or overlooked in the initial assessment.

As your car's market value naturally depreciates over time, the amount that you would get if your car were written off will change as well.  For example, your 10-year-old Toyota Corolla was worth $8,000 when you first listed it on the platform, but when it is written off a year later, it’s only worth $7,000, then you would get $7,000.

We'll delist your car and transfer you to our borrowing membership. You'll still be able to borrow cars, and can list another car in the future if you would like. 


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