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The quickest and most accurate way to track your car's earnings over time is in our stats dashboard on the website. Log in and go to Cars, then Manage car, and then Stats to see your car's performance over time.

Stats dashboard

Your car's stats dashboard shows your booking, earnings, availability and borrower kilometres data for this month, last month, this financial year, last financial year, and all time. Checking your stats dashboard is an easy way to see your car's performance at a glance.

The stats dashboard is only available on the website (not app).

  1. Log in to the website and go to Cars
  2. Select Manage car
  3. Select Stats
  4. Choose 'This month', 'Last month', 'This financial year', 'Last financial year', or 'All time' to see your car's performance over time

The income figure listed in your stats dashboard is your car's income after we take our commission. You'll still have costs for running your car, but many of these may be tax deductible.

Account page

The account page on the website and app will display a running balance of your car's earnings since your last invoice in the 'Account summary' section.

The figure shown here is before your membership fee, fuel charges, personal tolls and any trips in other members' cars are deducted at the end of the month. The final amount paid into your account at the end of the month will be less than the 'credit' amount you see here.

From the account page, you can also view a detailed transaction history since your last invoice.

If you need to download any financial documents:

  1. Log in to the website (not the app)
  2. Go to Account
  3. Select Financial documents
  4. Download what you need
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