For owners: do I get compensation or fee relief if my car gets damaged?

We don't provide compensation for lost income – however, you do receive compensation of $25 for every day that your car is unavailable to you due to damage caused by a borrower.

You will still be charged membership fee while your car is out of action, as you'll still have the car-share technology.

Payment when you're unable to use your car 

If your car is damaged by a borrower, you'll receive $25 for each day your car is unavailable to you, for a maximum of 28 days. This payment is charged to the responsible borrower, to help you find alternative ways to get around while your car is out of action (We do not provide replacement cars, but you can put this money towards booking another car on the platform if you need one).

Note that you're only eligible for this payment if your car was damaged while in a borrower's booking, and only for the days when the car was unavailable to you (for example, while it is at the repairers, or if the damage renders it undriveable). The compensation doesn't include any delays caused by you. We'll only offer this compensation (and charge it to the responsible borrower) if you use one of our preferred repairers, and it's not available for mechanical issues or tyre damage. 

This payment is not compensation for lost income while your car is unavailable for bookings.

Membership fees

You will be charged your membership fee whenever your car is on our platform, even at times when it is out of action due to damage. The membership fee includes the support to get your car repaired and protection from borrower non-payment under our Owner Guarantee, as well as things like marketing, use of the app and website and support with other issues. You'll still be benefiting from these things while your car is out of action due to damage.

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