Will I see quotes when I am responsible for repair costs?

If you are responsible for damage to another member's car, you may negotiate with the owner to repair the car or get quotes for the work on the owner's behalf. The owner is not required to accept these quotes though, and may choose to proceed with their own repairer. 

Why don't owners have to provide multiple quotes for the Borrower to review?

If damage occurs during a borrower's trip, the owner is entitled to get the car repaired as promptly as possible. Car owners are entitled to get their car repaired at their choice of repairer, including our preferred repairer.

We aren't (and neither is the owner) required to provide a quote and seek permission from the liable borrower. This would cause delays in getting the repairs finalised for the owner.

We may request multiple quotes in some circumstances, but this is also not required. 



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